Dollar Tree: A Treasure Cove

It has been a while since I blog about anything and I've been wanting to write about this for a while now.


Since I moved out of my parents' house, I needed to learn how to be crafty about my budget as much as possible. I never knew how many things I can obtain at Dollar Tree for a buck. Seriously… when you got rent and student loans to pay and you're working twenty hours per week; this place is like a treasure cove!

So here is what I have find useful:


When I think of Dollar Tree, I think that it is a great place to buy disposal items. I haven't thrown any parties or gave any gifts but they have decent inventory of gift bags, wrapping paper, tissue paper, balloons, cards, plastic table cloth, plastic utensils. Great for gift-giving and parties.

In their kitchen area, they sell aluminum pans which is great if you’re hosting or bringing food to a potluck party!



I never bought their seasonal decorations since I do not own a home but they have some cool looking decor that you can buy… and maybe to throw it out at the end of the holiday/season. Not to mention, if someone steals your decoration, you do not have to feel as bad. (Sorry… I grew up in East Saint Paul where a lot of crimes happen. Things get stolen all the time and so I’m always thinking about theft.)



They have cute looking Marvel or Hello Kitty band-aids! They also have name brand pain killers too with valid expiration date. Not to mention, it is where I found my medication case… you know the 7-day pill organizer. (I was not gonna spend $8 for it at Target when it would only be a month use.) Also, I prefer the dental floss here. My parents bought dental floss that had sticky wax!



I like to buy my 125 ct. of napkins and 175 ct. of flexible straws. I go through these suckers like crazy all by myself and the value is great when they’re simply disposable items and works great.


Once, I baked Reese a birthday cake. I needed a way to transport his cake to his house from mine. Now, I hardly ever bake and I found a cake container/holder at Dollar Tree. It was awesome. It did the job. (Hmm... I wonder what happened to that container? Whatever. It was just a dollar. I would cry if I bought it at Michaels for $15.)


I also like to get my disposable zip-lock bags here. It's gonna be tossed out and so I do not see the need to spend $3 to $4 per box for a pack of 75.



The only cleaning supplies that I buy from Dollar Tree are facial mask and disposable gloves to protect my hands and breathing air-way when I am cleaning. It works great. (I will not forget the time when I was Clorox with bleach spray poison after involuntary inhale the chemical while cleaning the bathroom. The mask worked when I used it for the second time.)


Just today, I found an empty spray bottle. A 28 ounce size too! I'm planning to fill it half of the Clorox with Bleach solution and fill it with water to dilute it. I have been looking for an empty spray bottle but Target and Walmart has little dinky ones that is one-third of the size!

My mom buys toilet paper and paper towel here but I will not because I need a lot of paper towel and I want quality toilet paper so I will spend a little bit more at Target.



When I first moved into my apartment, organization was my top priority. I needed bins and containers to separate things and I was not willing to spend $5 for one just to put some cleaning chemicals in it. Luckily I found some at Dollar Tree that I can stash household items into. I have one for my chopsticks, cleaning supplies, and chip clips, which I also found at Dollar Tree.



CANDY!!! The only great place where I can go candy crazy and not feel guilty about the price! Plus, I can find some candies here that are not sold elsewhere such as my sugar Candy Sticks.

Plus, my parents use to buy garlic toast here, which I like. Tasty.


Sure, some of these frames may be low quality but just for decoration purpose, it works. I bought one not for photos but to have my wireless password shown for my guests. It was so cheap, fun, and easy to do and it looks great! Classy way to let my guests know what is our wireless password without having us unfashionably tape it somewhere or for me to dig through our filing box every time someone ask, "what’s your wifi password?"



I should have bought my posters here but I ended up spending $17 at Office Max for my Heart Disease presentation, which was the board, construction paper, glue, and 12 ct. color pencils! (OUCH! I could have spend $5 at Dollar Tree.) They also sell security envelops, which works great since I use it to pay rent or mail things.

Recently, I found note cards, which works out great for my self-study for my Nursing Assistant exam. They have plain white ones with notebook lines and they have neon colorful ones too!



They sell some fake flowers, vase, as well as real coffee cups and china dishes and bowls. I’m sure if you're creative enough, you can create something cool for a dollar or two.


BUT…. not everything is awesome. As much as I am raving about Dollar Tree here, I will not buy towels… though I guess I could if I wanted to use them as a rag towel… but yeah… Dollar Tree: a treasure cove for a value.

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Posted on: Friday, October 9, 2015

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