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I Survived Surgery!

Oi! Where do I even start? This was very unexpected. On Sunday, December 1st, I called into work because I had flu symptoms. I thought I caught the flu from a classmate who I sit next to in our classes. I did not check into the emergency room until late Tuesday night after experiencing an ongoing fever of 103.

OK. You're probably thinking: why didn't you check into the emergency room earlier for that high of a temp? Honestly, I thought fever was part of the flu. I was also experiencing loss of appetite, chills, and body ache. Since early childhood, every year I would receive a flu shot. In the past, if I do catch the flu, it would last a day. By Tuesday night, I had a gut feeling that it may be something else with flu-like symptoms since I was not getting any better.

While I was at the hospital, I had an ultrasound, X-Ray, CT scan, and MRI. By Thursday, December 5th, I learned that I had an inflamed gallbladder, but no gallstones present. The recommendation was surgery. I felt scared and anxious. I never had surgeries unless you count wisdom teeth extraction. I did not think I would need to have surgery so soon in life. I did ask what if I do not have the surgery. In short, I may have complications down the road, especially if I ever plan to be pregnant. Without knowing much about cholecystectomy, I went for it.

My experience with surgery was OK. The hospital staff members were very helpful. They explained what would happened. I had a positive experience when I was in pre-op. The surgery team waited a few minutes to allow my husband to come to the hospital before I head off to the OR. I don't remember much from the OR except they wheeled me to the room, it was very busy, and someone placed a mask on me and knocked me out. I woke up in post-op with pain at the incision sites. They wheeled me back to my inpatient room and boy! It hurt to walk!

Unfortunately I could not discharge the next day as planned due to my creatinine level was so high. I had acute kidney injury. My assumption was my alternating of pain medication prior to coming to the hospital. I was trying to manage my fever and body aches. When I was in the emergency room, I received toradol for pain, which is part of the NSAID family. Then when I was getting a CT scan, I had a contrast dye. Finally, I received another toradol in post-op. I was discharged yesterday afternoon. It may be below zero but I don't care! Haha! I am happy to go home. No more 6am needle pokes. No more laying on uncomfortable bed. No more 2am vital signs or 4am rounding checks. I was instructed to drink 2000mL (or 8 cups) of water per day to bring my creatinine level back to normal and I will not be taking any NSAID medication for a while.

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