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So this is what my bearded dragon feels like in his enclosure.

It has been a while since I decided to write. I hope you are staying safe. My world has been filled with uncertainties ever since President Trump declared a National Emergency to combat the coronavirus on March 13th. The world went mad as people hoard for necessities as if it was the end of the world. Citizens fighting over paper towels, toilet papers, rice, hand hygiene products, and cleaning supplies. Stores' shelves were empty. I remember I panicked. As a health care personnel, I would like to have some Clorox wipes to keep my home safe. I wonder when will things return to normal?

It has been almost a month since the National Emergency was called and I still have not seen cleaning supplies, hand sanitizers, or hand soap refills available in stores! On March 25th, Governor Tim Walz issued a Stay-at-Home executive order. Since then I have been cooking at home daily. The delivery fees isn't worth it for Door Dash or Grub Hub. My husband and I tried EveryPlate, which is perfect. It gives us something new to try. The portion is perfect. The ingredients arrive fresh and cold. For $4.99/serving, I think it is better than takeout and deliveries. The only downside is having to clean up after myself in the kitchen! So I highly recommend meal plan subscriptions if you tend to order in regularly and now wanna save money. When my husband and I order from Door Dash, Bite Squad, or Grub Hub, our total would be at least $50 for a meal for 2. Meanwhile our EveryPlate gives us 3 different meals for $45, which also include the cost of shipping.

Besides cooking more at home, I am also attempting to... wait for it... do some yard work. My goal for this year is to have a nice green lawn. In addition, I also started my own compost! I also signed up for Scott's lawn program and so we'll see how this goes.

Finally... I have lots to learn about construction. Couple days ago my bedroom closet collapsed. Husband said that I have too much clothes. (I don't know what he is talking about. I only have half of the closet!) Two out of the three brackets bend inward, which collapsed the closet rod and the shelf. (There was no rod socket.) Unfortunately with my lack of experience, my husband had to fix my mess, like everything including removing stripped screws. After $100 at Home Depot, hopefully we have two stronger closets; one in our bedroom and another in our spare bedroom. We replaced the old ones with heavy duty brackets, added two addition brackets, and added a rod socket for additional support.

All in all, with this self-quarantine, I see a lot of people are home renovating, tending to their yard, and cleaning out their closets and/or storage. People are also cooking more at home including making their own bread! Hopefully things will return to normal soon. I gotta stop by Goodwill to donate clothes that I no longer need.

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